"Cypherus Audio produces some of the best sounding earbuds I have ever heard. Earbuds such as CAX Black edition, CampFred and custom made Red Dragon is the closest I've come to the sound of full size headphones in earbuds. A pair of Cypherus earbuds belongs in the collection of any serious audiophile!



Ïf there is one TOTL earbud that you must recommend to a headphone user, this shoul always be the first choice. These shoot way above their price point and will guarantee to impress anyone.

Cypherus is a great guy with a talent for tuning amazing earbuds. He never let's your down!" 



"Since I started using earbuds again a couple of years ago, I had been on a search for something that best suited my tastes. While I've found many earbuds that I enjoyed and thought were quite well designed, it wasn't until I tried Cypherus Audio that I felt I found what I was looking for. I had bought my first pair used expecting to find something a quite detailed while being a little dull sounding, but I was gladly mistaken. The quality of detail while still including a fun tuning is probably about as close to perfect for my needs as I'll likely find. When I bought my second pair new, I was concern again it might sound a little dull compared to the first pair due to the increase in detail, but again I was mistaken. It's been nothing but a wonderful experience listening to his earbuds.

Also, dealing with Herry has been a pleasure with quick responses and patience on his end. I would have no qualms recommending Cypherus Audio to any earbud enthusiast, or someone looking to try earbuds out and wanting to see what they're truly capable of."



"Cypherus Audio is definitely not cheap but worth every penny. The products or modifications have rare analogue sound quality that only exists in 2 to 5 times the investment products"

Little Sound


"A few months back, I purchased a pair of CampFred Earbuds. Before placing my order, I asked Cypherus Audio and earbuds owners more information on their analog sound. Actually, I already knew a year ago they were for me :D


Communication was excellent, response was quick and honest. Lead time was specified at the beginning and respected.


Received the buds in four days via EMS overseas shipping, what a lucky man I were. True TOTL earbuds with top quality build and flexible cable. I couldn't be happier as a crazy earbud lover. Someone told me once he would never sell them, ever. Well, I have to agree with this.


When I buy this kind of DIY one-man custom handmade earbuds, I don't only buy goods. I also buy his philosophy of sound. And I definitely enjoyed this one-man show.


A pleasure to deal with Monsieur Cypherus, see you next order."


Earbuds Anonymous - Facebook

"Anyone that like analog sound headphones and earphones must try Cypherus Audio product. From my modded PSB M4U1 to the Modded PX80 Phoenix or the all original CampFred line up and all of its other one of a kind earbuds like the Red Dragon. Cypherus Audio have been my go to brand to improve existing headphone and their excellent earbuds line up"



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