CAX - Portable SS Amplifier

Cypherus Audio amp is a fruit of my long research of portable headphone amplifier. It adopts an "old school" design with Discrete components configuration. It uses double-layered PCB with silver-coated soldering pads. It is designed using "Hand-Picked" matched sets of Triodes in Class A bias. No Op amps are used. Old School means Analog and Musical sounding.

Background is silently black which makes it suitable for sensitive IEMs. As it uses a direct amplification design, it also powerful enough to drive large and hard-to-drive Headphones.

It has single-ended input and output. It uses Lithium-Ion 3.7V battery. Charging is by 5v micro USB, very convenient. Charging is through a built-in separate PCB circuit to ensure no interference to the amp section.

Proper discrete components selection are a long and tedious manual process. Most components are precisely matched to get good sounding. It is hand-picked and required a lot of time for the testing and matching. Better quality components are also a must. Design is harder in portable circuit as it requires more space than Op amp-based designs. Each amp is hand- and ear-tuned.

The end products, however, are well-worth the effort. They have high resolution sound quality, clean but powerful sound with minimal interference.

Size: 110mm x 64mm x 23mm
Weight: 143 grams
Output: 32 to 600 ohms
Less than 3 ohms output impedance
Built in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
Playing time > 8 hours
Charging time 2 hours (using 1A Charger)
Made in Indonesia 100%

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